A Success Story of a Normal Man

IMGP7442 aaa copyAjit Ravi, Kerala born entrepreneur, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with massive work experience and reach. He was born on 30th May 1976. After graduation, he studied public relation journalism, sales and marketing and MBA MSC university, Tamil Nadu. Residing in Kalamassery Kochi, and being a multitasking individual with massive work ethics and strategy, Ajit Ravi is the proud owner of Pegasus which he started in 2000 as a proprietary firm. Pegasus conducts major events around the world. They have been part of beauty and fashion industry, creating platforms for ravishing and alluring individuals to express themselves with grace. Ajit Ravi directed events like Miss South India, Miss Queen of India and international events like IFF and Miss Asia. After Amitabh Bachchan, Mr Ajit Ravi is the Indian who brought an international beauty pageant like Miss Asia in India. The events were well received and Ajit Ravi mentored the participants who have massive hopes and dreams to live up to. So far Pegasus event makers conducted over 2200 events.

Minnale band was formed in 2003 to promote new talents and the band had provided 10 major singers to the industry. A division called Pegasus Records was formed in the year 2005 to release the albums sung by the band members. After a decade, the band is still going strong. He did charity activities in the field of medicine. He conducted music programmes in decorated buses to help a girl’s heart surgery in 2004. Charity work was initially done by collaborating with several other organizations like Lions Rotary, later he formed 100 life challenges in November 2015. The concept is created in order to save 100 lives through 100 heart surgeries. The project raises money for the heart surgeries and transplantation processes.

Along with events, he directed television programme named “Minnale”. Minnale programme was airedfirst in Surya TV, then it was jumped to Jeevan TV, then Jai Hind TV, currently it is aired in Captain TV. He lived his dream of being part of the film industry by directing and acting in a Malayalam film named “Raavu” which was released in 2012 and Tamil film named “Thottal Vidathe” in 2013.




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