Apple Ince launched its next-generation iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini Smart speaker

Apple Ince launched its next-generation iPhone 12. The California company aspires to spur consumers to trade in their old phones and keep the sales bombing by the end of the year.

The core highlight of iPhone 12 is with 6.1-inch display priced for $799 and the mini version of 5.4-inch screen for $699. A pro version with three cameras and 3D lidar sensor starts from $999 and Pro Max starts at 1,099$ goes up to $1399.

The devices will arrive a month later than the usual for Apple’s annual launches. Preorders for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro in the USA, China, Britain and other countries start from October 16 and delivery starts from October 23. For iPhone Mini and ProMax preorder starts from November 6 and in stores November 13.

Apple also announced its launch of HomePod Mini Smart speaker worth $99 and will be available for shipping from November 16. The devices could also be used to interact more directly with their own speakers. For example, customer can speak into their iPad OR IPhones to utilise the HomePod Minis like an intercom method.

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