Cathi Riddle letter on bottle reaches back to her after 35 years

A kayaker found a note in a bottle floating a Delaware river with which a woman had wrote 35 years ago and was able to reunite the note.

Brad Wachsmuth as usual as a team they were pick up trash from the water and they stubbled up a bottle with a note and soon they trawled out the letter, penned by Cathi Riddle and her cousin on Aug 1, 1985. The letter expressed about their family pets and urged potential future readers if they had their childhood musings.

Wachsmuth soon bought the same to the Milton Historical Society and curator reached out to the writers and found Riddle lives miles away in Milton.

The writers said years back they just wrote the letter and send it out to sail and witness how far it went, Prahpes it did not travel too far yet have travelled around the world and came back.

Wachsmuth finds it surprises that after years of storms and tides on the river it reached back to the writer, it was fate.
Now, are you planning to write a message in the bottle?

Image courtesy goes to the rightful owner/this is just a representation



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