Coronavirus daily update, India struggle migration during lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic across the globe have resulted in 30.000 death rates with over 10,000 deaths in Italy alone. The US olds maximum amount of infected people in the world. India has crossed 1,000, even after the PM announced the nationwide lockdown for three weeks. However, put the aims of lockdown target at rick, thousands of migrant workers in Delhi started a long walk the journey to their villages, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar to name a few. The Delhi government and Centre have committed into action to support the labourers but the huge gathering on the bus terminals and highways have huge risk factors of virus spread.
– Five patients have recovered with repeated sample tests and will be discharged.
– A US federal prisoner dies of Covid-19
– Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar order officials to install relief camps in district borders with adjoining states like Jharkhand, Utter Pradesh Nepal of food and shelter as this persists the purpose of the lockdown and prevent in spreading the virus.
– US President Donald Trump decides in locking down New York and its neighbours as US toll crosses 2000.



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