COVID19 guidelines for gymnasiums and yoga institutes to open from 5th August

The Minister of Health and Family Welfare announced the guidelines for gymnasiums and yoga institutes to open from 5th August.

Only outside containment zones can be operated. The guidelines mention 65 years, persons with comorbidities, children below 10 and pregnant women are advised not to use gyms in closed spaces.

The generic preventive measures should be practised by all members, visitors and staffs of centres.

The gymnasiums and yoga institutes shall comply with all health-related guidelines published by the Union/State government timely.

Individuals must maintain 6 feet of minimum social distance.

Frequent handwashing with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be practised for a minimum of 40-60 seconds.

Respiratory etiquettes should be strictly followed. Strictly advised to cover mouth and nose while sneezing/cough with a flexed elbow, tissue or handkerchief and dispose of a used tissue properly.

Self-monitoring of health by individuals and report any illness at the closed healthcare centre.

Spitting outside is strictly prohibited and installation and use of Aarogya City App is advised to all.

Yoga/gymnasiums floor should be based on 4m square per individual.

Fitness equipment should be 6 feet apart, should be feasible to move and maintain social distancing.

Entering and exiting exercise areas should be marker well separately.

Encourage contactless payment methods.

The entrance should have mandatory hand hygiene screening provisions.

The CPWD guidelines should be followed for air conditioning/ventilation by emphasising the temperature serving of all air conditioning device.

Limit the number of staff and members by adjusting time, specif workout areas and change of rooms.

Trash bins should be covered all times.

Lockers can continue to use as long as social distancing is maintained.

Disinfection should be practised within the premises by clinically approved disinfectants. The locale includes.

Building, rooms,

Atras used by staff and visitors,
Shoe baths, washroom and toilets.

All other spaces frequent touched surfaces.

Fitness equipment.

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