Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian community at a rally in Sydney’s prominent sports arena, emphasizing that the bond between India and Australia extends beyond cricket, which has historically connected the two countries. In addition to cricket, he cited various factors contributing to the strengthening relationship, such as the cooking TV show ‘Masterchef,’ yoga, tennis, movies, and the culturally diverse Indian community in Australia. Prime Minister Modi expressed India’s goal of becoming a developed nation within 25 years and announced the upcoming opening of a new consulate in Brisbane.

While acknowledging the historical significance of cricket, PM Modi stated that the relationship between India and Australia transcends the traditional three Cs (Commonwealth, Cricket, and Curry) and has evolved to encompass the three Ds (Democracy, Diaspora, and Dosti), followed by the three Es (Energy, Economy, and Education). However, he emphasized that the true depth of the relationship lies in mutual trust and respect, which extends beyond diplomatic ties to include every Indian residing in Australia.

PM Modi highlighted the deep friendship between the two nations off the field as well, mentioning the shared mourning when cricket legend Shane Warne passed away. He recalled his promise during his first term as Prime Minister in 2014 to visit Australia more frequently, emphasizing his presence at the rally as a fulfillment of that pledge.

The Prime Minister showcased several milestones achieved by India, noting that the country boasts the fastest-growing large economy globally. He highlighted India’s rapid vaccination campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic and its leading position in smartphone data consumers, fintech adoption, and milk production. India ranked second in terms of internet users, mobile phone manufacturing, rice, wheat, sugarcane, and fruits and vegetable production. Additionally, PM Modi mentioned India’s third-largest startup ecosystem, as well as its standing as the third-largest market for automobiles and civil aviation worldwide.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed PM Modi as a “dear friend” and compared him to renowned American singer Bruce Springsteen, stating that wherever PM Modi goes, he receives a “rock star reception.” The event saw enthusiastic participation, with chartered flights, including the “Modi Airways” and “Modi Express,” transporting fans from different Australian cities.

PM Modi’s visit to Australia followed his meetings with Prime Minister Albanese, US President Joe Biden, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the G7 summit in Hiroshima. The bilateral meeting between PM Modi and PM Albanese was scheduled to cover discussions on trade and investment, renewable energy, as well as defense and security cooperation.

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