Dilwale Movie Review

There’s nothing new in Dilwale but there is some special in Dilwale…  First of all the great chemistry between Sha Rukh Khan and KajolThe movie revolves around two gangster teams in Bulgaria. That is Vinod Khanna’s gang and Kabir Bedi’s gang. In this film lots of car chases, stunts and gun firings to steal gold from the rival.

Kajol and Sha Rukh makes the romance scenes very intense and engaging.  The romance, gerua, flowers, candlelight dinners and all possible love scenes take us into a new world of romance. The songs, especially Gerua and Janam Janam are magnificent, and are going to stick with you throughout.

Raj and Meera are lovers, but they know that make it impossible for their love story to work and they finally find a solution they get betrayed , leading to their separation. It is a 15 year flashback story and Dilwale happens in the present time, when Sidhu(Varun Dhawan) falls for the pretty damsel Ishita(Kriti Sanon)

Right now Raju is a successful mechanic and he running a car modifying garage. The love stories are too difficult. To know what happens next, you gonna head to the movie theatre. Sharukh Kajol’s chemistry is simply amazing and one of the most engaging element of the movie.  Without their chemistry Dilwale would not have been a great movie.




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