Every aspiring actor’s aim is to appear on the big screen and leave a lasting impression on the audience. That same dream will come true for Rishad N K through the film August 27, which is being produced by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd and directed by Ajit Ravi Pegasus. Find out more about Rishad’s new endeavour and accomplishments.

1 Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?
Apart from the fact that I loved acting, my childhood did not provide any inspiration for my acting. Me and my friends used to make some acting videos on our own right from the start. I’m not sure where my inspiration comes from, but I’ve always had a passion for acting.

2 Model, influencer and actor which role do you love the most?
I see modelling as a first step towards acting. Being a model provided me a large audience, and I think that’s what helped my name become well-known to at least certain people. Cinema has always been my ultimate goal, and as long as I’m alive, I’m willing to put in more efforts.

3 What did you learn after working with ensemble senior actors?
I was incredibly interested in their strategy for dealing with industry newcomers like me. They were incredibly welcoming when I first connected with them, and they never got weary of helping me portray my persona. I was able to pick up a variety of acting tips from them. They assisted me in getting a deeper understanding of the world of film.

4 How was your experience in working with Director, Ajit Ravi?
He was the coolest member of the set, hands down. Ajit Sir used his unique style of narration to describe events in the film. He explained each sequence so simply and he was also my greatest supporter, which gave me the courage to play this role.

‘August 27’ Movie Poster Launch

5 What is the most difficult part of acting in a film?
Every aspect of a movie is challenging and takes a lot of work from everyone involved. Action scenes were incredibly fun to film, but after the stunt shot, my body ached terribly. At that point, I became aware of the work put into each film.

6 Other than your family who is your biggest support?
I place a high priority on friendship. Compared to my family, I spend more time with my friends. They were my biggest supporters, standing beside me on both good and bad days.

7 How challenging is your character in ‘August 27’? Can you share a tint of your character?
The character I’m portraying exhibits a range of emotions. It was quite difficult because it covers so many different topics. I truly felt blessed. Everyone who step into film industry will want a character like this.

8 Being an actor will always be a dream that you’ve already accomplished as a social media star. Do you have any more goals you would like to accomplish?
My ultimate objective was film. I would like creating more memorable characters with an excellent team. This movie made my fantasy come true. All thanks to Ajit Sir that I was able to enter the field, and now it is up to me to continue to develop as an actor. Every time my parents think about me, I want to make them proud.

9 Which types of character do you feel you are most suited for?
I would adore to try all of the different emotions. I enjoy creating romantic characters much more.

10 What is the best advice anyone has given you about acting?

The only quote that has stuck in my head and imprinted on my heart, regardless of the actor I came across or the bios I read, is “Never step back until you achieve your ambition.” Working hard will always pay off, and it has always kept me going.

Rishad’s transition from a social media sensation to a movie star was not seamless. He was able to pursue his passion through working hard and being committed to acting. Let’s wish this budding artist much success in the future.

Pic Courtesy: Pegasus Photography and Rishad N K Official Instagram Account

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