Four accused in Telangana rape murder case killed in police encounter

Today early morning all the four people Mohammed Arif, Shiva, Naveen and Chennakeshavulu who were accused in the woman veterinarian in Hyderabad were killed in an encounter with police.

According to the police, the accused were taken to the crime spot where the charred body of the doctor was ascertained, while then from there they allegedly attempted to escape.

The accused stolen the weapon and fired on Police. To self-defence, the police fired back in which they were killed.

After the news spread, at the locality, local citizen gathered near the spot and shouted “DCP Zindabad, ACP Zindabad” slogan.

The victim’s father stated, today is the 10th day of my daughter died. I express my gratitude towards the police and government for this. My daughter’s soul now must be at peace.



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