Goriest India-China conflict in 40 years leaves 20 jawans dead, Chinese casualties in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley

Initially, The Indian Army has stated 17 soldiers were critically injured in the violent of the attack at Galwan Valley. On Tuesday evening they confirmed about 20 men have died. Three personnel have been identified to the public.

The twenty Indian army personnel include a colonel who was rose to death in eastern Ladakh. The most significant military battle is over five decades that has significantly climbered the already volatile border draw in the region.

The government authorisations told the Chinese rival too experienced proportionate casualties but determined not to speculate the digit.

On June 6, After India and China acknowledged that Chinese troops would further disentangle and return to their territory in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley. Conversations between major generals of both combatants were supposed to take place on June 16.

As PLA troops did not go back, a patrol team of the Indian Army led by Colonel Santosh Babu set out to discuss with the Chinese party.

The Chinese refused to get back and deliberately provoked the circumstance. The dispute went on for about three hours.

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