According to a recent government notice in India, the country will now allow the export of cough syrups only after samples have been tested in a government laboratory. This decision comes after Indian-made cough syrups were found to be responsible for the deaths of numerous children in Gambia and Uzbekistan.

The government notice, dated May 22 and shared by the health ministry on Tuesday, states that any cough syrup intended for export must possess a certificate of analysis issued by a government laboratory. This new regulation will be effective from June 1.

The incidents involving Indian-made cough syrups causing the deaths of 70 children in Gambia and 19 children in Uzbekistan last year have had a negative impact on India’s pharmaceutical industry, which is valued at $41 billion.

According to a recent report by Reuters, India is contemplating potential changes to its pharmaceutical industry policy. These changes may involve implementing stricter testing measures for cough syrups and raw materials used in drug manufacturing. The proposed adjustments aim to enhance the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products within the country.

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