Inspirational Tale of Kalpana Saroj: From Domestic Violence to CEO of Multibillion-dollar Company

The rise of Kalpana Saroj is the ultimate rags to riches story of a woman who overcome hardships including domestic abuse, injustice, and even suicidal thoughts to become the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. Women not just in this country but also around the world can take great inspiration from Kalpana’s life.

Being a girl made things more challenging for Kalpana Saroj, who was born into a Dalit family and has experienced many injustices. She married when she was only 12 years old, and after that, her in-laws began to physically and mentally abuse her. She even experienced the locals’ rejection, which led her to attempt suicide.

After turning 16, Kalpana Saroj moved back to Bombay and resided with her uncle. She has begun working in a clothing industry to help support her family.

After obtaining government financing, Kalpana started a furniture store and a tailoring shop, which she later succeeded in. She soon established a real estate business and eventually joined the board of Kamani Tubes, a metal engineering company. She took over after it became bankrupt as a result of its significant debt. She turned it around and transformed it into a profitable business. Her work and contributions to her fields brought in recognition, and with it, the honour of becoming a Padma Shri in 2013.

Saroj is adamant that technology has revolutionised the world. The government now offers assistance to people from all walks of life, and girls now have new chances that weren’t available in the past. She thinks that women needed to be properly trained and shouldn’t be allowed to give up when things become tough.

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