Looks like a positive sign to fight with Covid-19, Oxford COVID Vaccine, Chinese researches, Bharat Covaxin began human trials

After more than seven months of global anxiety over Covid-19, here is a few good news. Three vaccines from three different parts of the world are progressing at various stages of human trails.

The two vaccines from the UK and China established promising results in human trails. India’s leading candidate, the Bharat Covaxin started human trails across the medical institution in India.

Scientists at Oxford University stated their experimental vaccine triggered a proactive immune response in hundreds of individuals who took this shot. While the Chinese researches, states that their experimental vaccine holds similar techniques of the Oxford team, that of an immune response.

Till date, more than 150 vaccines were developed and tested around the globe to stop the battle with Covid-19 pandemic, in 23 human clinical trials, says World Health Organization.

The greatest ray of hope of collective relief appeared from the UK. The vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears to be safe and stimulates a strong immune response within the human body.

The findings seem promising but experts find it to soon to say if it was a success to protect over novel coronavirus.

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