Manappuram Miss Queen of India – Photos

The grooming session of the Miss  Queen of India beauty contest organised by Pegasus Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi to felicitate the most beautiful and talented women in India, has begun at Kerala. The grooming session of the event, which will have three prime rounds including the designer saree round, black cocktail round and red gown round, has begun on 27th May, 2018, at the Camelot Convention Centre, Alappuzha.

The Manappuram Finance Limited will gift a huge cash prize of one lakh rupees to the winner and a sum of fifty thousand rupees to the second runner up. The cash prize for the first runner up (that is, seventy-five thousand rupee) will be gifted by the Wow Factor. Apart from the aforesaid cash prize, an additional gift worth fifty thousand will be given to the winner and twenty-five thousand each will be awarded to the first and second runner ups. The winners will be crowned with the gold plated crowns designed by the Parakkat Jewellers.



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