New lockdown 3.0 guidelines against COVID-19

The new transmission of lockdown 3.0 for the Red zones, follows that dor now individuals and vehicles are permitted with activate restrictions. Barbershops, malls, theatres remain close. Public transport like auto-rickshaws, taxis, inter-district travel of vehicles and buses are restricted.

The lockdown 3.0 allows supply chain production units, raw material and intermediates units, manufacturer of IT hardware are allowed to operate in Red Zone with certain classification.

On the orange zones, cabs and taxis can start their service with one driver along with two passengers. Interdistrict travel of individuals vehicles is allowed with permitted activities.

Private four-wheelers are allowed out with two passengers with one driver. The economic activities allowed in the red zones remains the same to operate in orange zones. All government officers are allowed to operate in orange zones as per the norms stated for the red zones

E-commerce activities are allowed to operate to deliver essential goods. In-situ constructions with be released in urban locales apart from construction of renewable energy projects.

For the green zones, all activities are allowed except those prohibited through India, irrespective of the zonal division. Buses can operate with 50 per cent seating capability and bus deports can run with up to 50 per cent faculty.



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