Bollywood actors Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal, currently promoting their latest film, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, faced an uncomfortable question from an audience member during a promotional event. The individual queried why actors often shy away from professional training despite being aware of the flaws in their craft. Sara initially seemed taken aback by the question and turned to Vicky for assistance. In response, Vicky promptly took over and emphasized that acting is a subjective art form, with each actor having their own unique journey. He highlighted the importance of observational skills, imagination, and the ability to make lies appear like truth in their performances.

Vicky went on to share his personal experience, stating that he had the privilege of honing his craft through four years of theatre, thanks to the support of his parents and the absence of financial pressures. However, he acknowledged that many of his friends in the theatre industry were unable to sustain themselves solely on acting and had to pursue other means of income to survive in the city. Vicky emphasized that while some performances may not meet expectations, it does not necessarily mean the actor did not work on their craft. He concluded by highlighting that actors have their own unique process that may not always be visible to the audience.

The event highlighted the varying perspectives on actors’ training and the challenges they face. Sara and Vicky both acknowledged the importance of continuous improvement in acting but recognized that each actor’s journey is unique. As they promote their film, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, the duo’s candid response to the audience member’s question shed light on the complex and subjective nature of the craft of acting.

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