Show solidarity, light lamps on Sunday for 9 minutes

Worldwide COVID-19 marked one million number of infections and death over the past few weeks.
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare report 2301 risen coronavirus cases in, while 56 deaths. About 157 people cured and discharged.

After the stupendous success of The “Janata Curfew”, PM Narendra Modi appealed to citizens to switch off house lights and light candles or diyas or torchlight on April 5 at 9 PM for nine minutes to dispel the darkness and bloom that has caused around. Reach out through your house window or balconies. An attempt to show coronavirus, the power of Indian unity and light.

“We need to take Mahasankalp by 130 crore citizens to new heights.” He also stated Janata Curfew on March was a great success and set an example to the globe to follow.



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