July 17, 2024
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SC seeks Govt’s opinion on finding new alternative to ‘death by hanging’


Identifying an urgent need to find a less painful method to let those convicts, who as per the constitution has to face the death sentence, die with dignity, the Supreme Court of the country has sought the central government’s opinion on finding an easily applicable alternative to the ‘death by hanging’.

The historical question has been asked to the government by the bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra while hearing a writ petition filed by Advocate Rishi Malhotra, who, in his petition, has stated that when a condemned is hanged his dignity is destroyed.

The Article 21 of the Indian Constitution grants the right to life and dignity to all citizens of the country. The court, while considering the case, has observed that the aforementioned article also grants the ‘right to die with dignity’.

The government, whose opinion is very important in this matter, has been asked to file its opinion within the time frame of three weeks.

The death by hanging is one of the painful forms of the execution of death sentence followed around the world.

The disappointing fact is that almost all other methods used across the world to execute the death sentence are as painful as that of the ‘death by hanging’.

Several progressive parties have been campaigning against the death penalties for past several years across the world.

Is there a need to find an alternative to the death by hanging?   


Vignesh. S. G

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