February 24, 2024
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Kerala CM Commends Media and Police in Safe Return of Abducted Girl, Calls for Responsible Reporting

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan praised the pivotal role of the media and law enforcement in the successful recovery of a six-year-old girl who had been abducted in Kollam by unidentified individuals. Addressing a press conference during his Nava Kerala Yatra in the northern district, Vijayan acknowledged the media’s contribution in disseminating timely information to the public. However, he urged for introspection among journalists when reporting on such incidents, cautioning against unintentionally aiding criminals through excessive disclosure of investigative details.

Vijayan stressed the importance of maintaining vigilance to prevent information dissemination from becoming a potential escape route for perpetrators. He also highlighted the need for sensitivity, advising the media to refrain from intrusive questioning of individuals affected by such traumatic incidents, referencing recent criticism aimed at journalists for disregarding the privacy of the abducted child’s family, which impacted the investigation’s progress.

Expressing gratitude towards both the police and the media, the Chief Minister commended the active involvement of local residents in aiding the search for the kidnapped girl. He particularly praised the girl’s brother, Jonathan, for his cooperation with law enforcement, providing crucial information that contributed to the ongoing investigation. Highlighting the extensive efforts of the police, Vijayan characterized the search as one of the most comprehensive manhunts in recent times, involving thousands of personnel.

Vijayan expressed optimism regarding the swift apprehension of the culprits and reaffirmed the government’s uncompromising stance against any form of violence targeting women and children. Following a collective sigh of relief from across Kerala and the parents of the abducted girl, she was found unharmed at Kollam’s Asramam ground, discovered by college students, and subsequently hospitalized. The police have intensified their efforts to track down and apprehend the kidnappers, ensuring justice is swiftly served.

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