February 24, 2024
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Man in Vietnam Discovers Pair of Chopsticks Lodged in Brain After 5 Months of Severe Headaches

A 35-year-old man in Vietnam experienced a shocking revelation after enduring severe headaches for five months, only to discover that the source of his pain was a pair of chopsticks lodged in his brain. Seeking medical attention at Dong Hoi’s Cuba Friendship Hospital on November 25, the patient complained of intense headaches, fluid discharge, and vision loss, as reported by the New York Post.

Upon conducting CT scans, doctors diagnosed the man with tension pneumocephalus, a rare condition marked by dangerous increases in intracranial pressure. Further examinations uncovered the astonishing cause: a pair of chopsticks that had entered through his nose and penetrated his brain.

The patient recalled a vague memory of being involved in a fight while drinking in Vietnam five months earlier, as reported by Vietnam VN. Although details were foggy, he remembered a potential stabbing to the face with an unknown object. Despite seeking medical attention after the altercation, previous examinations had failed to detect the chopsticks lodged in his nasal cavity, leaving the patient bewildered. He now speculates that during the fight, he was stabbed in the nose with food forceps, which remained undiscovered in his skull until recently.

Fortunately, through endoscopic surgery performed via the nose, doctors successfully removed the chopsticks. Subsequent microsurgery was employed to close the fistula—an abnormal connection between an artery and vein in brain and spinal cord tissue. The patient is reported to be in stable condition as he awaits discharge from the hospital, marking the end of a bizarre and fortunate discovery following months of debilitating headaches.

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