July 18, 2024
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Iluza Isyandavletova Wins Miss Asia 2023

In a colorful event Iluza Isyandavletova from Bashkortastan was crowned as the winner of the Miss Asia 2023 title, Aayushma Bajracharya from Nepal secured the first runner-up position. Cerena Ann Johnson from UAE earned the second runner-up title, and Jinnapat Palsuea from Thailand grabbed the third runner-up position. The finals took place at Le Méridien Hotel in Kochi on November 14th. Former Miss Asia Winner Nguyen Thi Yen Trang, SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts CMD Sajan Varghese, Mini Sajan, CEO of SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts, and Jolly Antony, Chairman of Vibe Munnar, jointly crowned the winners. Dr. Ajit Ravi, Chairman of Pegasus, was present at the event.

Out of numerous Miss Asia pageant applicants, 15 emerged as finalists. Unfortunately, two contestants couldn’t make it to the finals due to unforeseen circumstances like visa issues. Thirteen contestants elegantly graced the runway, showcasing their grace and elegance. The well-deserving winners of Miss Asia 2023 were presented with stunning gold crowns designed by Preeti Prakash from Parakkat Jewellers. The competition featured three rounds: the National Costume Round, the White Cocktail Round, and the Royal Blue Gown Round.

SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts, along with DQUE, played a pivotal role as the main partners in organizing the Miss Asia 2023 event, orchestrated by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd. Pegasus stands as a prominent event production company in India, leaving a lasting impact on various challenging domains, including fashion. As expected, they have efficiently executed some of the country’s most prestigious national and international fashion events. Their journey has been successful, with a track record of nearly 2335 events to date.

Unique Times, FICF, Vibe, Parakkat Resorts, and DQUE Face and Body Skin Friendly Soap lent their support as powered by Partners. Aiswaria Advertisements, Kalpana International, Times New, UT World, Europe Times, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, Green Media, Good Day Hotels and Resorts, Akshay Inco, Alcazar, FOG, St Joseph’s Hospital Trust and JD Institute of Fashion Technology were the co-partners. This competition aimed to showcase the diverse cultural heritage and rich values of the participating countries while promoting tourism.

Sub Title Winners

Miss Asia Social Media – Nguyen Thi Kim Trang (Vietnam)

Miss Asia Fashionista – Chen Chia Pei (Taiwan)

Miss Asia Talent – Natalia Savina (Russia)

Miss Asia Diligent – Azhar Zhumabekova (Kazakhstan)

Miss Asia Inspiring – Aayushma Bajracharya (Nepal)

Miss Asia Vivacious – Risa Nakatani (Japan)

Miss Asia Shining Star – Ella Anak Apit (Malaysia)

Miss Asia Ramp Walk – Meurel Beverly Viegas (India)

Miss Asia Tenacious – Rashmi Subedra (Sri Lanka)

Miss Asia National Costume – Kalisa Putri (Indonesia)

Miss Asia Adorable – Cerena Ann Johnson (UAE)

Miss Asia Renaissance – Jinnapat Palsuea (Thailand)

The judging panel featured esteemed individuals including Rozanne Diasz (Miss Sri Lanka Universe 2005 and Grooming instructor), Mr. Alonkot Sungkahapong (CEO, Starfighter), Dr. Mahima Bhakshi (Model & Entrepreneur), Harmeet Singh Gupta (Managing Director, U&I Entertainment), and Rita Mathan (Owner, Pro Nail Studio).

Miss Asia 2023 contestants included Iluza Isyandavletova from Bashkortastan, Meurel Beverly Viegas from India, Kalisa Putri from Indonesia, Risa Nakatani from Japan, Azhar Zhumabekova from Kazakhstan, Ella Anak Apit from Malaysia, Aayushma Bajracharya from Nepal, Natalia Savina from Russia, Rashmi Subedra from Sri Lanka, Chen Chia Pei from Taiwan, Jinnapat Palsuea from Thailand, Cerena Ann Johnson from the UAE, and Nguyen Thi Kim Trang from Vietnam.

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