July 17, 2024
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Medical Student, 21, Wins Sarpanch Election In Maharashtra On Return From Georgia

Yashodhara Shinde, 21, was studying medicine in Georgia with the goal of becoming a doctor, but fate had other plans for her. She returned to her town in Maharashtra, ran for sarpanch, and won.

She now intends to finish her studies online while working to improve her hometown of Vaddi in the Sangli district’s Miraj tehsil. Speaking to PTI, Ms. Shinde stated her goals for the village’s farmers’ community as well as for the empowerment of women, the introduction of e-learning and other educational aids for students, assistance in encouraging youngsters to embrace healthy lifestyles, and improvement of youth ambitions.

“I have been pursuing the MBBS course at the New Vision University in Georgia. Currently, I am in the 4th year and one-and-a-half years of the course is still left to be completed,” she said.

“When elections were announced in my village, locals wanted someone from our family to contest for the sarpanch’s (village head) post. A decision was taken to field me for the position. I got a call from my family and I returned, contested the election and won,” said Ms Shinde.

On December 18, 7,682 gramme panchayat elections were held in various parts of Maharashtra. On Tuesday, the results were announced.

When asked about her plans as sarpanch for the village’s growth, Ms. Shinde stated that her main priority would be to solve women’s difficulties and help them stand on their own.”I am of the opinion that women must get an equal chance to show what they are capable of and I would like to make them educated and independent and not rely on their male counterparts,” she said.

Her list of priorities also covers the welfare and education of children.

“I would like to expose them to e-learning and the latest pedagogies,” Shinde said.

“I would also like to work towards the construction of toilets in the village and facilitate easy availability of sanitary napkins for girls and women. Also, children need to adopt good health habits,” she said.

Additionally, Ms. Shinde stated that she will collaborate with the youth on the village’s development plan.

When asked about her plans to seek a medical degree, Ms. Shinde responded that she would finish her coursework online with the aid of her friends.

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