June 12, 2024
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Parents Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Mentally Ill Daughter in Rajanna Sircilla

In a tragic incident in Rajanna Sircilla district, a couple has been arrested for allegedly murdering their mentally ill daughter, police reported on Monday. Chepyala Narsaiah (49) and his wife Yellavva (43) from Nerella reportedly strangled their 24-year-old daughter, Priyanka, who had been suffering from a mental disorder for several years. Despite multiple treatments and even taking her to a place of worship, her condition did not improve.

Frustrated by the recurrence of her illness, the parents allegedly planned to end Priyanka’s life. On May 14, they reportedly strangled her with a rope while she was asleep. The following day, they informed their son-in-law of her death and conducted her funeral, claiming it was a natural death. Priyanka, who was married and had a 13-month-old son, had recently been experiencing a worsening of her mental condition.

Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Priyanka’s death, villagers lodged a complaint with the police. During the investigation, Narsaiah and Yellavva confessed to the crime. Superintendent of Police Akhil Mahajan confirmed their arrest and stated that they have been remanded to judicial custody, with further investigation underway.

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