June 19, 2024
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ACADEMICS – Vinod Kumar

    Differences and distances between people are evident in all relationships. We know about generation gaps. This is a living full of gaps. Gaps cannot be avoided, Between genders, economics, academics and even social classes. But in times of internet, new gaps is between academics Continue Reading


There  are  wreck less  people  on  the  road.  That  is  why  you  must  take  much  care,   when  you  are  driving  a  motor  vehicle.  Road  rage  is  becoming  common.  Traffic   jams  in  roads  in  India  has  become  of  concern  to  many  cities.  In  New  Delhi,   regimenting  cars  to  the  odd  number-­‐  even  number […]Continue Reading


She is a tourist from Australia. Looking at television advertisements, Ms Sophia visited the big and reputed jewellery show room. She did not know of the catastrophe in store for her. Inside the glamorous jewellery show room, she was invited to get her ears pierced. The young woman naturally was persuaded. She got her ears […]Continue Reading