April 14, 2024
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Manappuram Finance Launches “Doorstep Gold Loan” Campaign for Enhanced Loan Accessibility

In an innovative move aimed at transforming gold loan services, Manappuram Finance Ltd has announced the launch of its new advertising campaign, ‘Make Life Easy With Doorstep Gold Loan’. Ditching the traditional route of celebrity endorsements, this campaign instead features real-life scenarios of ordinary individuals facing financial challenges. By doing so, it aims to connect on a deeper level with its audience across the country. The campaign, which is set to air on social media platforms and major television networks, is tailored to reach a wide demographic by being accessible in ten different languages, including Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, and others.

The initiative takes a unique approach by emphasizing the ease of obtaining a gold loan from the comfort of one’s home. Highlighting the company’s pivot from conventional loan acquisition methods, the ad showcases the simplicity of applying for a gold loan via the dedicated mobile app or toll-free number. This ensures a representative from Manappuram Finance visits the applicant’s home to process the loan swiftly, highlighting the campaign’s focus on convenience and quick service.

Mr. VP Nandakumar, the Managing Director and CEO of Manappuram Finance, expressed that the campaign is rooted in the company’s commitment to digital connectivity and operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless customer experience. “The core theme of the ad derives from our commitment to digital connectivity, operational agility, and smooth customer experience. This campaign underscores our dedication to facilitating quick disbursal of funds and providing financial solutions tailored to the modern lifestyle” he added, underscoring the company’s focus on adapting to the evolving financial landscape to better serve its clients.

TVC Link:

Hindi – https://youtu.be/xivTg5FrQOs?si=pLab1V_QA3PutDaQ

Malayalam – https://youtu.be/oCDGMocsprw?si=CuS37q0kX5RPDSHM

Telugu – https://youtu.be/7AjZx3uFT4A?si=z00-yBvGIQZIvxaQ

Tamil – https://youtu.be/hCAFDVLfWNU?si=Y3b2jb8Z9rwQcNxv

Marathi – https://youtu.be/5p7h5R7TR4M?si=7_rYOTixOl73XHSF

Kannada – https://youtu.be/ta-ICw9iitY?si=OfNrT6YgrXWXm-uU

Gujarati – https://youtu.be/ZUaJLZN9Yzg?si=6e2_JouRfVXgB-vv

Bengali – https://youtu.be/LJszIirSINs?si=9u7ItanYaGYWOB_C

Assamese – https://youtu.be/RTTD411DW8Y?si=IjCzCDxJ1U3_cO-U

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