April 14, 2024
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Navigating Diverse Professions with Mastery: Nivedya Sohan Roy

Embarking on the intricate journey of mastering a diverse array of professions with finesse is a rare and fascinating feat. Nivedya Sohan Roy, an exceptional personality, falls into the rare category of multi-faceted professionals. From her background in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to her ventures in Clinical Hypnotherapy, overseeing a dental and aesthetic clinic, and engaging in holistic life coaching, she adeptly maneuvers through the intricate tapestry of various professions. This article provides a glimpse into the captivating world of Nivedya Sohan Roy, delving into her journey and the profound impact she has had on the lives she has encountered.

Unveiling a Journey of Transformation

Nivedya Sohan Roy’s journey began with a degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture from the University of Southampton in the UK, aligning with her family’s tradition in the marine industry. However, her career took a turn when she realized that it didn’t resonate with her as expected. Drawing from her childhood dream of becoming a psychologist, she explored Clinical Hypnotherapy alongside her engineering career.

Through extensive research and dedicated study, Nivedya seamlessly transitioned into the world of therapy, embracing modalities such as handwriting analysis, transpersonal regression therapy, and energy work. Her unique ability to connect with individuals on mental, emotional, and energetic levels propelled her to the forefront of transformative wellness.

Integrating Engineering into Therapeutic Approaches

Nivedya emphasizes that her engineering background contributes to her therapeutic approach by instilling a problem-solving mindset. Addressing issues in relationships or stemming from childhood experiences involves identifying the root cause, a skill cultivated through engineering. Hypnotherapy, contrary to common misconceptions, delves into the origin of issues, uncovering where and how things began. Navigating clients toward resolution requires a comprehensive understanding of the issue from every angle—an approach ingrained in her engineering mindset.

Nivedya Sohan Roy

Professional Achievements in Podcasting and Hypnotherapy

Nivedya has earned recognition as one of the top podcasters, showcasing expertise in hypnotherapy, holistic well-being, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her credentials extend to various mind sciences, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, transpersonal regression therapy, happiness coaching, handwriting analysis, metaphor therapy, therapeutic tarot reading, sound therapy, and family constellation therapy.

Her involvement in the film DAM999, a poignant tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster, reflects her commitment to impactful storytelling and addressing historical events through the medium of film.

Hypnotherapy’s Role in Chronic Pain and Disease Management

In addressing clients with chronic pain or diseases, Nivedya emphasizes the connection between physical manifestations and unresolved emotional distress. Hypnotherapy focuses on tracking the root cause using regression, addressing and releasing stored emotions from the body. The result is often significant healing, demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in managing such conditions.

Strategies for Anxiety Disorders and Addictions

Nivedya differentiates her approach for anxiety disorders and addictions in hypnotherapy. For anxiety, she delves into the root cause, restoring the parasympathetic nervous system. Addictions often stem from unfulfilled aspects of life, and by identifying and addressing the root causes, hypnotherapy aims to guide clients through the healing process, reducing reliance on substances or behaviors to cope.

Addressing Skepticism about Hypnotherapy

Acknowledging skepticism around hypnotherapy, Nivedya highlights its effectiveness in addressing phobias, fears, and cessation of smoking. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can significantly alter thought patterns and behaviors, offering a valuable treatment method beyond misconceptions perpetuated by media representations.

Hypnotherapy’s Success in Transformative Cases

Success for Nivedya is measured by the transformative cases she handles, especially those referred by psychologists, psychiatrists, or doctors. Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness is evident in cases such as eating disorders and mysterious physical ailments, where traditional approaches may have failed.

Nivedya Sohan Roy

Balancing Corporate and Therapeutic Responsibilities

As the Chief Happiness Officer of the Aries Group’s Happiness Division, Nivedya balances corporate responsibilities with her therapeutic practice through meticulous time management. Structured time blocks allow her to contribute meaningfully to both roles, integrating therapeutic expertise into holistic well-being initiatives.

Influences from Sir Sohan Roy and Lessons Learned

Being the daughter of Sir Sohan Roy, the CEO and founder of Aries Group, Nivedya acknowledges her father’s influence on her roles. His hyper-efficiency, growth-oriented mindset, and emphasis on proactive problem-solving have shaped her approach to challenges, instilling a belief that every problem has a solution. His unique approach involves the utilization of EFFISM, a software of his own creation. This innovative tool plays a pivotal role in the organizational framework, streamlining operations and ensuring optimal performance across all departments.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Aligned with Passion

Nivedya’s diverse background influences her approach to investments, guiding her towards ventures aligned with her passion for innovation and accessibility in healthcare. Ventures such as Wolf/Tenshield Airmasks, AM Health Hub, Cliniqally, and Aries Dental and Aesthetic Clinic reflect her commitment to transforming and elevating the healthcare landscape.

Building Resilience and Embracing Growth

Nivedya attributes her resilience to her father’s unwavering support and the lessons learned from facing challenges and rejections. A growth mindset and the ability to channel emotions into finding solutions have been instrumental in her entrepreneurial journey.

Beyond Work: Finding Joy and Balance

Outside work, Nivedya finds joy in physical activities, salsa, and bachata dancing, and spending time with family and dogs. Her passion for outdoor pursuits and yoga completes her holistic approach to well-being.

Nivedya’s Advice for Entrepreneurial Success

Nivedya encourages young professionals to embrace a growth mindset, persevere, and constantly explore different strategies. Adapting strategies based on analysis is crucial in entrepreneurship, and the ability to navigate challenges with resilience and a commitment to finding solutions is key.

In essence, Nivedya Sohan Roy’s remarkable journey is a testament to the intricate dance of mastering diverse professions with an admirable blend of grace, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals. Navigating through various domains, she has not only embraced the challenges of each field but has also translated her experiences into a profound art of holistic mastery, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes of engineering, therapy, and beyond.

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