April 25, 2024
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US discusses Kashmir issue with India

In the latest telephonic conversation between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Kashmir issue has been discussed in detail. Apart from the major regional developments, the leaders have also discussed how the economic ties between the countries can be strengthened. Hours before the phone talk, the US supremo spoke to […]Continue Reading
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India needs to develop multi-polar foreign relations, says foreign secretary

The Indian foreign secretary, S Jaishankar, asserted the Indian government should develop multi-polar relations with the world powers in a bid to strengthen the foreign relations.He was speaking at a seminar organised to discuss the Indian foreign relations. The prestigious program was convened by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses.He opined that the Indian […]Continue Reading
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Trump attacked in Republican debates

Donald Trump, the tycoon has been criticized by the Republican candidates in their first debate running for the US president. He had upended the race with the controversial comments about the war heroes and Mexicans was being center staged during the debate. He was being criticized immediately by Rand Paul for being the only candidate who refused to […]Continue Reading