February 24, 2024
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Maharashtra Government to Extend OBC Benefits to Marathas, Sparks Controversy

In a significant development, the Maharashtra government has announced its intention to extend all benefits currently enjoyed by Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in the state to the Maratha community. This interim arrangement is to be in place until the Marathas receive formal reservations. The decision follows a draft notification stating that all blood relatives of […]Continue Reading
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Government Blocks @HindutvaWatchIn Twitter Account, Citing Violation of Information Technology Act

In a move that has sparked controversy, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India has blocked the Twitter account @HindutvaWatchIn, which serves as an archive documenting attacks against religious minorities in the country. The action was taken under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The ministry, however, has not disclosed the […]Continue Reading