July 17, 2024
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Tragedy Strikes Kallakurichi: Toxic Liquor Claims 25 Lives, Dozens Hospitalized

In a tragic incident in Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi district, at least 25 people have lost their lives and over 60 others have been hospitalized after reportedly consuming toxic liquor. The incident, which has sparked widespread concern, unfolded as victims fell critically ill soon after consuming the adulterated alcohol. Kallakurichi District Collector MS Prasanth visited those undergoing treatment at the Government Medical College Hospital, overseeing efforts to provide medical assistance to the affected individuals.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin expressed shock and sorrow over the deaths, emphasizing swift action against those responsible for the production and distribution of the lethal brew. “Immediate arrests have been made in connection with this tragic event, and accountability measures have been initiated against officials who failed to prevent it,” Stalin declared in a statement addressing the situation. He pledged stringent measures to eradicate such criminal activities, urging the public to report any knowledge of illicit alcohol operations.

Governor RN Ravi of Tamil Nadu extended condolences to the families of the deceased and voiced concern over recurring incidents of deaths linked to counterfeit liquor across the state. “This tragic loss of life underscores the persistent challenges in combating the production and consumption of spurious liquor,” the Governor expressed in a statement from the Tamil Nadu Raj Bhavan. The administration remains committed to urgently addressing these issues to prevent further tragedies from befalling the community.

This devastating episode has once again highlighted the dangers associated with the illegal alcohol trade in Tamil Nadu, prompting calls for enhanced vigilance and stricter enforcement measures to safeguard public health and prevent such catastrophic events in the future.

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