July 17, 2024
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Tragic Fire in Kuwait Claims 40 Indian Lives, Injures Dozens

A devastating fire engulfed a six-storey building housing migrant workers in Mangaf, southern Kuwait, early Wednesday morning, resulting in the deaths of 40 Indian nationals and injuring dozens more. The blaze, which broke out around 6 am local time in the kitchen area, rapidly spread through the building constructed by NBTC, Kuwait’s largest construction group. Initial reports confirmed 35 deaths, with six more victims succumbing to injuries later at the hospital. The structure housed nearly 160 workers, predominantly from India, many of whom suffered from smoke inhalation.

In response to the tragedy, Kuwait’s Interior Minister Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah has ordered the arrest of the building’s owner, janitor, and the head of the company responsible for the workers. He condemned the incident as a consequence of corporate and landlord greed. Authorities are investigating the fire’s cause, focusing on potential overcrowding issues in worker accommodations. Major General Eid Al Oweihan, Director General of Criminal Evidence, is leading the examination of the scene.

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed his condolences to the victims’ families and assured full support from the Indian Embassy. Ambassador Adarsh Swaika visited the injured at Al-Adan hospital, reporting that most are in stable condition. The incident underscores ongoing concerns about the living conditions of migrant workers in the region, prompting urgent calls for improved safety standards.

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