July 17, 2024
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Former South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook Files Defamation Suit Amidst Controversy Over India Trip Expenses

Former South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook has taken legal action against ruling party lawmaker Rep Bae Hyun-jin, marking a significant escalation in a contentious issue surrounding her solo trip to India in 2018. The lawsuit, filed with the police, accuses Rep Bae of spreading false information and defamation regarding the expenses incurred during her visit. Specifically, Rep Bae alleged that the trip cost 230 million won (approximately USD 166,400), with over 62 million won supposedly spent solely on in-flight meals.

The controversy intensified as details emerged that Kim Jung-sook undertook the diplomatic journey without President Moon Jae-in, a first in South Korea’s recent history. Despite assertions by former Culture Minister Do Jong-hwan of the trip’s official nature, opposition members have called for a special counsel investigation into the expenditures, heightening political tensions in the country.

In response to mounting pressure, prosecutors have initiated an investigation into allegations of misused public funds amounting to 400 million won during Kim’s visit to the Taj Mahal, with further scrutiny expected on accusations of accepting luxury goods and services from government resources. Former President Moon Jae-in has defended his wife’s trip as crucial for South Korea’s international relations, emphasizing an invitation from the Indian government as validation, while critics demand transparency and accountability over the trip’s financial implications.

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