February 24, 2024
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‘Give reservation for women in parliament’: President

In one of the progressive statements made by the honourable President of our country, Pranab Mukherjee, he has urged the respective authorities to consider giving special reservation for women in the Indian parliament. The noteworthy statement aimed at empowering the Indian women has been delivered by him while attending the centenary celebrations of the Women’s Indian Association. He observes that the women empowerment is more important than the GDP rates and no society can be categorised as a civilised society unless and until it provides adequate respect to the women.

The honourable supremo has paid homage to the women leaders, like Annie Besant and Muthulakshmi Reddy, who were the founder of the prestigious women organisation of the country. Presently, there are only 11.3 per cent woman lawmakers in the parliament, while the global average stands at 22.8 per cent. It clearly shows that no remarkable improvement in terms of the proper representation of women in the parliament has been achieved. As a former politician who clearly knows the political scenario of the country, the president rightly observes that the political parties of our country are not going to work towards achieving equal representation of men and women in the parliament voluntarily. He reminds us that ours is a most advanced culture in which women are given adequate importance and respect traditionally. It is believed that the observation of the president is likely to give a true impetus to the women movements in the country, which is at this moment tainted by the rising cases of violence against women. “Can a society be described as civilised if it doesn’t honour its women,” asks the president.




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