June 12, 2024
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5 Countries That Welcome Job Seekers: Where to Find Work Abroad Without an Offer Letter

Looking to work abroad but struggling to secure a job offer from a foreign employer? Fortunately, several countries issue visas to job seekers without an offer letter, allowing you to search for employment on the ground. In this response, I will provide information on five countries that offer job-seeker visas to individuals looking to work […]Continue Reading
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Socialists retain Spain

The ruling Socialists have retained Spain in the latest election held in the country. It is the third consecutive victory of Spain in the last 3 years. Unfortunately, in this election also, the party could not gain a simple majority in the parliament, through it has arrived as the largest party in the rulemaking house. […]Continue Reading
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Spain welcomes new political ideologies: pre-poll survey 

A pre-poll survey reveals that the Spaniards will choose a new alternative other than the two-routine political options as the country is undergoing a parliament election.  Currently, the country is facing the major employment-crisis. Report says that around 21% of the country’s population is jobless. Media reported that, the youth-population is totally unsatisfied by the Continue Reading