July 17, 2024
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Terror Attack in Reasi: NIA Takes Over Investigation Following Deadly Assault on Pilgrims

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has assumed control of the investigation into the tragic terror attack that took place on June 9 in Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir. The incident, which targeted a bus carrying pilgrims en route to the Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, resulted in the death of nine individuals and left 41 others injured. According to preliminary findings by the J&K Police, the attackers believed to be two to three militants, had specifically awaited the bus’s arrival. Eyewitness accounts from local drivers indicated that the militants were observed before the assault took place.

Following the attack, a collaborative effort between local law enforcement and intelligence agencies led to the creation of a suspect sketch based on eyewitness testimonies. This sketch has been widely distributed to aid in the search for the perpetrators. Initial investigations also suggested that the militants may have received logistical support from residents, indicating a potential network involvement.

In response to the severity of the incident and the expertise required in handling terrorism-related cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs directed the transfer of the investigation to the NIA. Senior officers from the agency promptly visited the crime scene to gather forensic evidence and begin their inquiry into uncovering any broader conspiracy behind the attack. As the search intensifies, suspicions have arisen that the militants responsible may have infiltrated from across the Line of Control and are currently hiding within dense forested areas. The recovery of bullet shells from the scene pointed to the use of an M16 rifle during the assault.

The assault, marked by its ruthless execution and tragic toll on innocent lives, has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for heightened security measures in the region. The investigation by the NIA is expected to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the attack and bring those responsible to justice, providing much-needed closure to the affected families and communities.

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